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DIY Premium Sealers

DIY Premium Sealer

Save Money With Our Premium Concrete Sealers
Outdoor areas are often overlooked by homeowners for renovations. Even smaller renovation projects such as using decorative concrete for driveways and patios can make homes more welcoming. Decorative concrete flooring:

Adds visual appeal to outdoor spaces
Offers a range of style choices
Increases property value
Requires little maintenance
Lasts a long time
Concrete flooring for outdoor areas is also more cost effective compared to other alternatives. Concrete has a wide number of uses but proper maintenance is essential to protect it from corrosion and staining. Premium sealers are designed to block pores in the concrete to prevent water and salt from passing through.

Concrete Sealers From TDC
Protecting the concrete from your outdoor areas is one of the most important tasks to protect your investment from deteriorating. Regular cleaning and using sealers when necessary will ensure the concrete on your driveway and swimming pool areas will last for decades.

DIY Premium Sealers

Doing so will also save you more money in the long term and keep your outdoor flooring in excellent condition for years to come.

Liquid Limestone: Liquid Limestone is made up of crushed natural limestone mixed with cement. This mixture is often used instead of brick paving and can be made in a range of colours to suit the design of your home. Liquid limestone is cool to walk barefoot on.

Using limestone sealer is strongly recommended to keep the concrete well protected from algae, moss and effervescent salts and maintain its looks. Liquid limestone should be sealed immediately after its installation. Here is a brief overview of how to apply the sealer.

Requirements: For this DIY project, you will need water based silicone limestone sealer. Be sure to contact us today to place an order and to have the right concrete sealer delivered to your doorstep.

Application: Only a single coat of water based silicone limestone sealer is needed to properly seal it.
Making Premium 101 sealer a great cost effective solution.

Coverage: The exact amount of concrete sealer you need depends on the area. 10 square meters to one litre of silicone limestone sealer should be sufficient but please contact us ahead of time so we can deliver the correct amount.

Preparation Requirements: You need to make several preparations first before you can apply the concrete sealer. Complete instructions are included with the sealer when you purchase from us.

What You Need: For this project, you will need a water blaster (2400psi), outdoor broom, and a weed sprayer.

When to Apply: The concrete sealer should be applied immediately after the liquid limestone is installed. The sealer application lasts approximately 12 months due to moisture in new concrete. Reapplying after about a year will protect the concrete for an additional 2 to 3 years depending on usage of the applicated area.

Maintenance: Liquid limestone requires little maintenance. Wash the concrete using a normal garden hose.

You will notice the water beading like wax on a car. Once your sealer has worn down the beading will lessen, It is then time to re-seal the area.

We can also provide sealer for coloured concrete and spray on paving to enhance its colour. Our TDC premium water-based and acrylic sealers help protect your flooring.

Got some questions? Get in touch with the TDC team today!